Hey friend, here’s a newsflash:

Did you know your entire life is run by subconscious beliefs?

From the self-esteem you (do not) have to the (un)healthy people you attract in your life, and the (un)fulfilled life goals and money that seem so (un)attainable.

Ready to get rid of those prefixes yet? Awesome.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the fashion magazines that make us hate our bodies. It is not ‘true love’ that leads to an abusive relationship and it is definitely not the life itself that makes us feel empty inside.

Well. What is it then?

It’s our programming. The sh*t we learned at home, as voiceless observers of life.

No one comes into this world depressed, sick or stuck. No one is born an addict, workaholic or with an eating disorder. Our childhood experiences shape our world view, imprinting our subconscious minds. Ironically, no one teaches us how to look inwards for solutions.

This comic is an invitation to upgrade your belief system to the level it belongs. Full of love, hope and great expectations.

You see in life, we don’t get what we want. We get what we EXPECT.

Welcome aboard this reality check train! The ride is free and you choose the destination.


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